Sunshine Girl

06 August 2014

Sunshine Girl

After learning so much about diet and lifestyle while transitioning to a plant based diet, I have also become equally interested in learning about natural cosmetics and the best ways to look after your skin.

I steer well clear of any parabens which are chemical preservatives found in the majority of cosmetic products as well as other toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer development. However, as the sun has finally started making appearances and holidays are being booked I have been wondering what sun cream I could use that is natural and will also give me good sun protection.

Before I went to Turkey in June I came across a brand called ‘Green People’on my favourite Paraben Free cosmetic site ‘Myon Pure’and decided to give the SPF 15 Sun Lotion with Natural Tan Accelerator a try as it was my first natural sun cream I have ever used.

I wasn't quite sure how well it would protect my skin from the sun but I was so impressed!

The lotion goes on really nicely and isn't too thick and overpowering for your skin. It worked to protect my skin so well and I definitely felt that the natural tan accelerator worked too and I turned a really nice golden brown by the time my few days away was over.

I would definitely recommend this brand of suncream as a natural paraben free alternative to commercial sun creams. They do a higher SPF cream too if you feel that you need a higher protection for your skin.


There is also some really informative blog posts regarding Parabens and how dangerous they are here which I would recommend reading to understand the dangers of using commercial skincare products. 

Pukka Holiday - Holly

16 June 2014

Pukka Holiday - Holly

This week I'm away with my boyfriend in beautiful Turkey but before coming I popped into Whole Foods to do a big beauty haul, on the hunt for natural suncreams and moisturisers.

Whilst I was browsing the shelves I spotted a variety of Pukka Herbs supplement packets which you add into water and they give you a nutrient and vitamin hit.

I thought they would be brilliant for me to take away as I knew I wouldn't get chance to have my daily green juice or smoothie so these were ideal as a replacement for the week.

I bought a box of Pukka Herbs 4g Clean Greens sachets and have had one every morning alongside breakfast mixed with a glass of water.

I have to admit that the taste is not the most pleasant at first, however you only need to mix it into a small glass of water and it’s gone very quickly! I actually began to quite enjoy the earthy flavour after a few days.

The packet contains 12 chlorophyll-rich green foods that are brilliant for purifying your body. I noticed that it gave me an energy boost in the morning and it’s such an easy way to give your body vital nutrients and minerals.

 I would definitely recommend having a look at Pukka Herbs and seeing what supplement sachets they have on offer as they are great to take away on holiday and to also have in your cupboard to pop into your morning smoothie for some added nutrition!

Love Holly