Derby Babe

02 December 2014

Derby Babe

We LOVE these new shots of Roller Derby Queen Donna in our Icon Collection Clara tee.

Even more excitingly she's just been picked for the 1st team again! Clearly a winning combo!


Race Time

The last two months has been an incredible learning curve for me, and I have finally begun to understand how to balance different goals.
For the first time in my life I am pursuing my three greatest passions all at the same time.

I am in full time training for Jasmin Vardimons young company JV2, with trail running and surfing events squeezed in at the weekends and during the Christmas holiday break.
I believed for a very long time that there was no limit, and in many ways, it still remains a foundation in my motivation.

But it is clear that doing TOO much can hinder your performance in everything you do, and in a way, your limit for achievement begins to drop.
The last few races have been a huge eye opener to what the human body is capable of.

Helped along by reading ‘Born to Run’ a both educational and inspirational book written by Christopher McDougal, I decided to venture further than the 42 mile race I had dragged myself through in Cornwall.

I first ramped up a gear and took a slightly doubtful dive into the self-navigated 58mile race across the sparse Snowdonia mountain range.

I had entered without really thinking about it, and it was only when Benn Berkeley, a good friend and experienced expeditioner, helped me track and visualise the route along an OS map that I gulped with apprehension. He looked at me and said ‘wow, that’s long way’ … and that was coming from a man who has endured one of the toughest endurance ice races across Siberia!

None the less, I had entered, and I am not one for backing out, so I set off on an adventure with the thought that if the worst came to the worst, I could always pull out at a checkpoint.

The small pool of runners set off as the sun rose, and I was in my normal chirpy mood, excited to explore a great route across mountain range I hadn’t seen before.

I latched onto the back of two Australian runners in desperation of not getting lost, but they shot off after the first 6 miles.

I knew there was a long race ahead so I stuck to my own pace and made more of a focus to reach the end in one piece.

With over 10,000 ft. of elevation, I felt at times I would never stop climbing, but luckily the surrounding view was enough to distract from the pain.

I wearily stopped to fill my water pouch from the fresh river by the slate quarry, then continued, paying close attention to the terrain.

By the fourth checkpoint, I had caught up with a lovely chap called Tom. His smile was enough to cheer me up from a severe state of self-pity and I decided I would try and stay close too him for as long as possible.

He munched on some jellybeans and bound off down the trail, so I plodded after him, still shovelling nuts into one side of my mouth whilst trying to breathe out the other.

He welcomed my company and became a hugely motivating leader. He had some knowledge of the area so whilst he chatted away, I replied very abruptly, just trying to concentrate on keeping up.

All in all we ran together for a good 6 hours and I feel that without his chirpy spirit I may have crumbled and withered far sooner!

As we reached the last checkpoint, I was so desperate to finish but my legs were screaming at me, so I told Tom to head off without me and assured that I would see him at the finish line.

He spun round and waved me a good luck smile before disappearing into a never-ending horizon.

For the last few miles I had my map clutched in my fingertips, tracking every slight advance towards the end.

As I crawled out of the forest and reached the road, I could smell both civilisation and the finish line.

An old man stood with a walkie-talkie and buzzed back to HQ that he had seen the first woman. I had no idea I was running in the lead! My mind had been so focussed on my map, looking where my feet were going and not losing sanity, I almost forgot I was even in a race.

I was hit with a wave of last wind energy and embodied the bounding energy I had envied Tom having hours beforehand.

I could hear the band playing and I could see the lights of the finish.

As I broke through the tape I was greeted but the few male runners that had come through already, a teary eyed mum, and a very happy race director armed with a bowl of hot pasta.

was in disbelief at my finishing time and position.

Being the youngest runner by about 6 years I was overwhelmed with words of congratulations from spectators and other runners.

Sarah x

Tuning Up!

26 September 2014

Tuning Up!

Our Georgia has hit iTunes!


We know this talented girl is going to be HUGE so check her out now!


Girls on Film

14 September 2014

Girls on Film

Lexie girl Hayley in action.

Georgia in Gibraltar

08 September 2014

Tags: Georgia, girlboss

Georgia in Gibraltar

Georgia's amazing debut single, the brilliant "Midnight Games" 

London, Brace Yourself!

Currently splitting her time between studies, studios and sharing the stage with Rita Ora & The Script, our busy bundle of energy is lighting up the capital, performing her only London gig this year!


Catch Georgia and her new tunes now while you can, this girl is gonna be BIG!


Lexie on Tour

Teacher, hockey player and adventurer extraordinaire, Lexie girl Clarissa is currently half way across the world (check her awesome holiday pics below) but we managed to ask a few questions and find out what being a Lexie girl is all about…

Tell me us how you got into your line of work?

“I always had an interest in geography and the environment so decided to study it further. Teaching was always something that stuck out to me and I decided to do a course on that and here I am, loving my job and being able to share my passion with others”

What is the strangest sport you have ever tried?

Not sure really, I love doing long jump and hockey but I’ve recently found a passion for adventure courses and tackling the mud so I guess that’s a bit strange?

If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you want to compete in?

“Long jump or hockey I think. Leaning slightly towards hockey as it’s a team sport and I love being in those sort of environments.”

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

“An athlete really but I also loved the idea of being a teacher. Stuck with the second one and here I am!”

And finally Clarissa what does your future hold?

“I’m really enjoying my current job so I would ideally want to keep progressing in this line of work. Also keep active and try out even more sports and challenges.”

If you're keen to find out more about Clarissa's travels and challenge check her website:

Gorgeous Georgia

18 August 2014

Gorgeous Georgia

We are SO excited that our gorgeous Georgia is not only performing at the Gibraltar Music Fest alongside Rita Ora and The Script but she is debuting her amazing new single! Big claps all round!

All Hail Hayley!

There isn’t much our Hayley can’t do. From massaging Nick Gimshaw live on radio one to training with celebs in gymnastics for the upcoming BBC tumble, Hayley is a master of all things sport!

Our resident flexi, we spent some time asking Hayley the really important stuff , discovering her weird obsession with her phone and a strong love of Will Smith...

Tell me how you got into your line of work?

“It’s quite a long story but was always into playing sport and I originally wanted to be a PE teacher or Physio. Then I started dancing at school and after doing a solo in a show my teachers said I should apply for Dance College. So I studied dance for three years which I loved but when I finished I felt I needed something else to back me financially. I always had sports massages and I was always interested in that area so I decided to train so I was fully qualified. Recently I started teaching pilates too. Sports modelling began when I was at college and developed from there really. I got signed by a sports agency and since then I have been able to work with many companies.”

What is the strangest sport you have ever tried?

“Strangest sport.. I know I have done tag rugby but that’s not very weird. I have also been involved with aerial acrobatics which was good fun.”

If you were an animal, what would you be?

“Everyone says that I would be a flamingo because I am always standing on one leg and look quite bird like! I would want to be a killer whale though as I just love them!”

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

“Will smith probably as he has great views in life and an amazing story of how he got to where he is”

What’s your annoying habit?

“I go on my phone way too much! I'll check it unnecessarily and just waste so much time on it. I'll refresh my facebook feed and then 5 minutes later, I'll do it again. I should do something more productive like read a book or something.”

If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you want to compete in?

“I would want to do 100m sprint as it’s the biggest and most hyped up event.”

Pick two celebrities to be your parents... Go!

“Will Smith and Meryl Streep, I'm a big fan of both”

What’s something you’re bad at but wished you were good at?

“Singing. I really really can’t sing! My friends keep telling me I should go into acting which is random as I don’t think I can act and singing is definitely not a strong point.”

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

“Vet was always my first dream and then I wanted to be a PE teacher when I found my love for sport.”

What does your future hold?

“I want to do lots more dancing and modelling jobs. Keep my client base for my sports massages but it would be great to work from home. I would love to buy a nice home and convert it to having a treatment room and studio where I can teach classes.”


To find out more on Hayley and get her top health tips, check her website:


Workout Chat - Georgia Thursting - Part Two

We grabbed our girl, Georgia for a chinwag and had some burning questions left to be answered so out in the sunshine we found out...



If you were an animal, what would you be?

I’m always comparing people to animals! I’d say an Ant for their characteristics like being small but strong and very determined (have you seen what one Ant can carry?! It’s mental).


If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Amy Winehouse no doubt. 


What’s your annoying habit?

Being a perfectionist I think. If a task pops up, small or important I can’t calm down until it’s done and I always strive to do as best I can, which sometimes means pushing other people a bit too far. I need to learn to prioritise a bit better.


If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you want to compete in?

I’d be in the 100m sprint. I used to run for my school, and I was ALWAYS second fastest. I love the thrill and fast pace of the 100m.


Pick two celebrities to be your parents...Go!

Probably Patti Smith and Ray Davies. They are both incredible people, and seem very down to earth. I reckon we’d have a pretty liberal and fun household. 


What’s something you’re bad at but wished you were good at?

I wish I could draw sometimes. I love looking at visual stimuli to inspire my music, and I have images in my head I’d love to get onto paper, but I’m so useless I can’t even doodle properly!


When you were younger, where did you fancy living when you grew up?

Somewhere imaginary. I loved the idea of fairies and mystical lands. Somewhere where everything is very dreamy and neutral in colour, where you can ride a horse anywhere you go and nothing is bad or evil but everything is beautiful. Narnia was somewhere I absolutely loved the sound of.


What song title best describes you?

I’d say ‘Dancing Barefoot’ by Patti Smith. I’m not saying i’m a hippy or anything, but this title says to me something about not caring what people think. I’ve always been a bit nutty, and never worried about doing what I want to do if someone else doesn’t like it or judges me. I think that’s how everyone should live … in the moment, and free or judgement! 


What does your future hold?

I like to think it will hold a successful music career… by successful I don’t mean a career like Rihanna's, but more along the lines of those like Laura Marling. A career that lasts, and with each record I want to grow as an artist and performer. I want a core fan base that loves not only my voice but the music I write too!


Find Georgia @Georgialovesa