Sunshine Girl

06 August 2014

Sunshine Girl

After learning so much about diet and lifestyle while transitioning to a plant based diet, I have also become equally interested in learning about natural cosmetics and the best ways to look after your skin.

I steer well clear of any parabens which are chemical preservatives found in the majority of cosmetic products as well as other toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer development. However, as the sun has finally started making appearances and holidays are being booked I have been wondering what sun cream I could use that is natural and will also give me good sun protection.

Before I went to Turkey in June I came across a brand called ‘Green People’on my favourite Paraben Free cosmetic site ‘Myon Pure’and decided to give the SPF 15 Sun Lotion with Natural Tan Accelerator a try as it was my first natural sun cream I have ever used.

I wasn't quite sure how well it would protect my skin from the sun but I was so impressed!

The lotion goes on really nicely and isn't too thick and overpowering for your skin. It worked to protect my skin so well and I definitely felt that the natural tan accelerator worked too and I turned a really nice golden brown by the time my few days away was over.

I would definitely recommend this brand of suncream as a natural paraben free alternative to commercial sun creams. They do a higher SPF cream too if you feel that you need a higher protection for your skin.


There is also some really informative blog posts regarding Parabens and how dangerous they are here which I would recommend reading to understand the dangers of using commercial skincare products. 

Getting Preppy With It

21 June 2014

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Getting Preppy With It

In order to stay healthy on-the-go and at work, you need to get into the routine of food preparation. This will stop you from reaching out for crisps, chocolate, commercial sandwiches and other processed foods- and save you money too!

Every day I always prepare 2/3 huge fresh salad boxes to take to work with me depending on if I'm working for a half day or full day (and because I like to eat a lot!). Although lunch is usually provided on set, it's usually in the form of white bread, processed meat, more bread, cheese, crisps and because I like give my body healthy nutritious food, I find it’s a lot easier to take my own food with me; and also a lot more enjoyable to eat. 

You obviously don't have to make salads if that isn't what you enjoy but this is just an example of what I do and it helps to keep me energised and healthy throughout the day. You can make your own fresh wholemeal sandwiches so you know exactly what's in them or sometimes I like to make extra food for dinner and portion some out for lunch the next day which is quicker if you are short of time.

So get your tupperware out and start preparing your own lunches and you will notice a difference in your cravings and it will help keep you energised and healthy throughout the day! It's so easy to do you just need to get into the routine, be dedicated and get preparing!


Love Holly

Rai of Sunshine

Another day another awesome girl joins our blogging team!

Meet Reena Rai, a fitness convert with a fashion habit ...


"Hi my name’s Reena and I am NOT a fitness expert. Sorry, I just had to get that bit out there.

 Up until this year, I dabbled with yoga, running and hula hooping, eating pretty bad food and generally neglecting my health.

 I’ve seen the error of my ways though and I’m now enjoying a really healthy lifestyle, embracing regular exercise and cleaning up my eating habits. 

For me, fitness is more about health, wellbeing and happiness rather than being a slave to the gym and being obsessed with the scales.

 I’m not a gym bunny but I practice yoga almost every day as well as going to ballet classes and participating in 30-day challenges like squat and abs!

 I need my fitness regime to be flexible and work around my schedule so I’ll be sharing my top tips for quick workouts and ‘easy’ exercise as well as clever food substitutions and ideas to keep you from reaching for the biscuit tin."

 Reena wearing pink, don't worry we will soon have that habit kicked!

The Morning After The Night Before

Last night saw us host late night shopping at Boxpark, Shoreditch, where we are in residence until this Sunday!

The lovely ladies of Hip&Healthy invited their gorgeous readers to join us for 10% off both collections, goody bags and drinks provided by Everything But The Cow.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by we can't wait to see you rock your kit @lexiesport 


30 March 2014

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This weekend we joined stylist Jessica and fitness model Lucy Denver to throw down and work out at London's newest health event Be:fit.

Lucy was joined by a personal trainer to put her through her paces in front of the crowds in our kit, see more on our instagram.