Tuning Up!

26 September 2014

Tuning Up!

Our Georgia has hit iTunes!


We know this talented girl is going to be HUGE so check her out now!


Georgia in Gibraltar

08 September 2014

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Georgia in Gibraltar

Georgia's amazing debut single, the brilliant "Midnight Games" 

London, Brace Yourself!

Currently splitting her time between studies, studios and sharing the stage with Rita Ora & The Script, our busy bundle of energy is lighting up the capital, performing her only London gig this year!


Catch Georgia and her new tunes now while you can, this girl is gonna be BIG!


Gorgeous Georgia

18 August 2014

Gorgeous Georgia

We are SO excited that our gorgeous Georgia is not only performing at the Gibraltar Music Fest alongside Rita Ora and The Script but she is debuting her amazing new single! Big claps all round!

Workout Chat - Georgia Thursting - Part Two

We grabbed our girl, Georgia for a chinwag and had some burning questions left to be answered so out in the sunshine we found out...



If you were an animal, what would you be?

I’m always comparing people to animals! I’d say an Ant for their characteristics like being small but strong and very determined (have you seen what one Ant can carry?! It’s mental).


If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Amy Winehouse no doubt. 


What’s your annoying habit?

Being a perfectionist I think. If a task pops up, small or important I can’t calm down until it’s done and I always strive to do as best I can, which sometimes means pushing other people a bit too far. I need to learn to prioritise a bit better.


If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you want to compete in?

I’d be in the 100m sprint. I used to run for my school, and I was ALWAYS second fastest. I love the thrill and fast pace of the 100m.


Pick two celebrities to be your parents...Go!

Probably Patti Smith and Ray Davies. They are both incredible people, and seem very down to earth. I reckon we’d have a pretty liberal and fun household. 


What’s something you’re bad at but wished you were good at?

I wish I could draw sometimes. I love looking at visual stimuli to inspire my music, and I have images in my head I’d love to get onto paper, but I’m so useless I can’t even doodle properly!


When you were younger, where did you fancy living when you grew up?

Somewhere imaginary. I loved the idea of fairies and mystical lands. Somewhere where everything is very dreamy and neutral in colour, where you can ride a horse anywhere you go and nothing is bad or evil but everything is beautiful. Narnia was somewhere I absolutely loved the sound of.


What song title best describes you?

I’d say ‘Dancing Barefoot’ by Patti Smith. I’m not saying i’m a hippy or anything, but this title says to me something about not caring what people think. I’ve always been a bit nutty, and never worried about doing what I want to do if someone else doesn’t like it or judges me. I think that’s how everyone should live … in the moment, and free or judgement! 


What does your future hold?

I like to think it will hold a successful music career… by successful I don’t mean a career like Rihanna's, but more along the lines of those like Laura Marling. A career that lasts, and with each record I want to grow as an artist and performer. I want a core fan base that loves not only my voice but the music I write too!


Find Georgia @Georgialovesa


Workout Chat - Georgia Thursting

Free spirited songbird Georgia Thursting swung by town for the day, so we grabbed her for a quick workout session and caught up on the world of EPs, NYC and being a vet...


What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been busy recoding my EP and going on holidays! Recording takes a lot longer than you ever anticipate but it’s going well. I’m about 70% done, mainly vocals to go. I’ve been having lots of sessions with my producer and engineer Ben, discussing what works best for each song and messing around with different arrangements - there’s rumors of a triangle solo on the horizon for one of the tunes ;)


As it's our birthday this weekend, if you could have anything for yours what would it be?

For my birthday? Well I just had mine in June and I got what i wanted, a trip to NYC... It was amazing! I’m too lucky, I even got to see the Queen of Soul Aretha in concert. On the other hand, for Lexie’s birthday I would buy you a massive concert in a park in London somewhere with all the kick ass women in music performing on the bill. There’d be a dance stage too, and sports day games hahaha, maybe in a few years?


When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

There was brief phase of me wanting to be a vet when I was really little, but I soon realised I wouldn’t be able to handle the hands on side like surgery. I think I thought being a vet was about running around all day with cute animals haha. Since watching Titanic and falling in love with the theme tune at the age of 6, it’s all been about singing and music!



What does your future hold?

I like to think it will hold a successful music career… by successful I don’t mean a career like Rihanna's, but more along the lines of those like Laura Marling. A career that lasts, and with each record I want to grow as an artist and performer. I want a core fan base that loves not only my voice but the music I write too!


If you've yet to catch up with Georgia, check out her website

Georgia worked out in an XS Mamie vest and Diana Shorts.


Part two coming soon...


She had The Voice judges on tenterhooks when she performed her blind audition for the hit TV show last year. Progressively making her mark on the gig and festival scene, we managed to nab singer-songwriter Georgia Thursting just before she hits the big time. 



 Along with tales of sex and seduction, Georgia’s rich soulful voice and jazz influences sound well beyond her twenty years. It something that comes naturally. 

“I get this feeling when I’m inspired, I just have to write. I never sit down to try force it. When I’m not in the mood it doesn’t happen - I get frustrated with myself.”

Performing since the age of 12 and taking the stage at Ronnie Scotts and Live at Leeds Festival, Georgia is humble but not afraid to dream and aim high. Perhaps it’s something to do with her fitness fanatic and personal trainer dad who she’s been hitting the boxing studio with?

“I’ve only started but I enjoy it a lot more than the gym. We box, listen to mixes from DJs I’ve seen, and incorporate circuits into our workouts. Who knew skipping could be so tiring!”

Aside from boxing and graduating from Leeds College of Music, the next stop on-route to stardom is finishing and releasing her EP. 

“There is so much to think about and do in preparation. My band, producer and I have put so much time and effort into sounding as tight as we can and creating something exciting that I can’t wait to get the ball rolling and get people listening.”

With her rockabilly style, Georgia chooses the Veronica Short as her favorite piece of the Icon collection. 

“I used to look at sports clothing and think it looked ridiculous a lot of the time but these shorts, and the whole Lexie range is so fashionable and practical. The shorts design is great and I love the silver panel detail". 

Find her at:
Tweet her at: @Georgialovesa