We like teeny butters & we cannot lie...

We love sport. Inside, outside, gym, park, pitch or field it’s all good. But what we love less is the marks and scraps that we get left with.

Sport and exercise may sculpt your muscles and release endorphins but it can also leave you with dry, marked skin from the excellent but erratic weather and all the extra showers.

So when we bumped into girlboss and skin magician Ronke we were pretty excited! Ronke is the lady behind Emi & Ben, specialising in natural skin care, she’s created an awesome range of very affordable products.

A petite pot of perfection

Using amazing Shea Butter she creates like pots of creamy heaven, perfect for battered elbows and knees.

You only need a teeny bit of this super star body butter so it will last for ages! Awesome!

Commonly used in West Africa but less so in the UK, shea butter enables skin to absorb moisture from the air, creating a softer for moisturised body.

We’ve tried out a pot and it’s a total must have! To grab yours head over to Emi & Ben!