For the past 5 years I’ve taught reformer pilates full time.  The thought that I can help people achieve their goals is what makes me really love my job. 

I'm naturally very active, I’ve always loved to exercise, so my job is the only thing I ever wanted to do.

I came to London in 2002 and saved up the money to do a personal training course.

Throughout the years I tried so many fitness classes but I realised that pilates was just so amazing for the body.

The Iris leggings are my favourite Lexie piece. During the week you can find me in mine teaching classes at Tempo Pilates.

I dream of being on a white sandy beach. Living in a sunny country and hosting my pilates retreats is the goal. I’ve never been to Brazil but for some reason I know I will love it. 

It might sound boring to most people but staying home, watching a movie with my family is most likely to be my Saturday night, especially when I’ve had a 40 hour teaching week.

I don't stress easily. Tough times have made me a much stronger person.

A man trying to touch my arse in the gym was definitely my strangest moment in sport.

Exploring good breakfast and brunch places with friends and family is how I relax. I love eggs!

Writing is my weakness ( I call it laziness ).
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