Princess of Pop (ups)

Move over Kylie, there's a new Princess of Pop! 

Our Jane dropped into see herself at Boxpark...


Clarissa describes herself as 'just an ordinary 20-something year old'. 
We think she is anything but!

Having joined her first athletic club aged 5 with a passion for running, Clarissa reached national level for athletics, netball and hockey, something she puts down to the support of her parents who became her 'physio, drivers, No.1 fans, PAs & chefs!'. Now with a day job as a geography and sport teacher (she promises us she doesn't wear tweed), Clarissa is still as excited about sport,

"I like to have a go at everything (even if I'm rubbish). In particular, over the last few years, I've grown to really enjoy off-road events and
 challenges in inspiring environments; the bigger the landscape, the better!'

It was this love of a challenge and 'have a go' attitude that last year inspired Clarissa to #takeonachallenge,

"In the build up to the Olympics I decided that I wanted to try something new. My father had passed away and I wanted to do something fitting in memory of him. I decided that I would take on a new and different challenge every month over the course of the year.
I used each challenge to raise money for charity in honour of my father who inspired and made me the sports fanatic I am. That was where 'My Year of Ultimate Challenges' was born."

Not only was Clarissa taking on a new challenge every month and dedicating herself to encouraging girls and women to adopt a healthy active lifestyle (through #takeonachallenge) but also completing her teacher training, playing in the England Hockey Premiership League and involved in the National Developement Squad. Phew!

This year, instead of taking some time off, Clarissa has decided to take on the UK's first official Obstacle Racing League, culminating in the world's largest obstacle race, The Rat Race Dirty Weekend, in May (200 obstacles, 20 miles).

"I just love running, jumping, dodging, crawling, diving about, getting muddy, pushing myself further than I ever have.
The key point for me was that I had found a way of pushing myself and fulfilling an aim of encouraging other young girls and women to push themselves too; reaping the benefits of being fitter and healthier in a fun way."

And we thought what better kit to do it in than Lexie!

Clarissa will be blogging and tweeting about her events (in her custom Lexie tee) and encouraging you to have a go at:

And Clarissa's favourite quote?

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

Of course.


She describes herself as a 'writer, warrior, fitness focused female', belives that 'Freedom lies in being bold' and has an electic music collection that ranges from So Solid Crew to her Dad's folk band Redmayne.

We're pretty sure Jane isn't your average Personal Trainer.

Frequently found in Borough Market 'buying ALL the kale and avocados' or in her local green space 'for fresh air, exercising, peace & a bit of twitching (I'm a closet bird watcher)', Jane's passion lies in 'powerful, athletic, functional stuff!' which she loves to match with yoga to 'balance my ying-yang output'.

"I love sprinting, crawling, jumping, boxing, running up stairs & escalators, climbing, chin ups on the tube, the occasional single leg squat while awaiting the bus. I'm a big fan of bodyweight training, you can do it anywhere and you can always progress!"

Not one to be shy, naturally her favourite piece of kit is our bold Anita Leggings, "being blonde of barnet these are a fitting choice! I love the stand out print"

And the next big chanllenge for this seriously fearless lady?

"Read more. Travel more. Get stronger! Handstand practice, working on my crow pose, more yoga, chin ups, muscle up & sprinting."


Follow Jane: @JaneAboutTown