9-5 Part 2

Today I’ve been working on the custom hoodies I mentioned in my last post, so it’s nice to take a break to work on the blog!
It seems like I’ve fit a lot into the last few days…



As I said before, I’ll give any sport a go, so on Tuesday; I agreed to go with founder Lily to an evening ‘boot camp’ class near the office called Gurka Fit. I was pretty nervous as the class was at an ex-army camp, and taken by army trainers, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up! Although I was ready for a lie down and a hot bath by the end, I survived the thousands of squats, laps and sprints and, surprisingly, have even agreed to go again because of how great I felt afterwards. It really is true that exercise makes you feel good, even if you wouldn’t agree whilst you’re actually running round a track!


Following boot camp, the next day in London proved more difficult – our aching legs were protesting quite a bit and the hundreds of steps in and out of the underground were certainly not ideal!


It was really exciting to visit the super cool Blue Cow Yoga studio to check out the location for Lexie’s next exciting event (details coming soon!). We also made exciting deliveries to Grazia head office and to ‘Frame’ gym in Shoreditch where we restocked the Lexie stock. Before heading back to London, I made a note to definitely take one of the exciting dance classes at Frame before I leave!


Back in the office, I continued working on the hoodies. I made the patterns and started to cut out the different meshes to put in the jackets, which turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined! I’ve made some progress today, but I’ve still got lots of work to do tomorrow! Fingers crossed I’ll have some completed hoodies to show you soon!

Annie x

Work It!

17 June 2014

Work It!

Hi, I’m Annie and I’m a fashion design student. I’m really excited to be interning with Lexie Sport for the next two weeks and to be blogging about what the Lexie team gets up to!


Although I’m certainly not an expert, I will give any sport a go, but most of all I like to dance and go running. I am hoping to design sportswear in my final year at University, so I’m all ears for any tips that come my way! I’m really happy to be interning at Lexie and to learn lots more about combining my two favourite things – sports and fashion.


On my first day, we didn’t waste any time and travelled straight to London to deliver new batches of the Lake and Anita leggings and to attend meetings. I was in charge of delivering and collecting stock from Hip and Healthy, and managed to find the building with a lot of help from Google maps. After meeting founder Lily for a branding meeting in central London, we had just enough time to drop in at ‘Frame’ – the coolest gym I’ve seen – and to make it down to Camden just in time to drop our final load of stock to a super secret new stockist.


Today’s been somewhat less hectic, wading through a huge delivery of new leggings, but a nice breather after yesterday’s activities! My job for this afternoon is a brief that’s come in from a comedy trio for some customised hoodies for Edinburg Fringe, so that’s what I’ll be working on for the next day or so – I’ll blog more about my progress soon! 

Annie x

Pukka Holiday - Holly

16 June 2014

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Pukka Holiday - Holly

This week I'm away with my boyfriend in beautiful Turkey but before coming I popped into Whole Foods to do a big beauty haul, on the hunt for natural suncreams and moisturisers.

Whilst I was browsing the shelves I spotted a variety of Pukka Herbs supplement packets which you add into water and they give you a nutrient and vitamin hit.

I thought they would be brilliant for me to take away as I knew I wouldn't get chance to have my daily green juice or smoothie so these were ideal as a replacement for the week.

I bought a box of Pukka Herbs 4g Clean Greens sachets and have had one every morning alongside breakfast mixed with a glass of water.

I have to admit that the taste is not the most pleasant at first, however you only need to mix it into a small glass of water and it’s gone very quickly! I actually began to quite enjoy the earthy flavour after a few days.

The packet contains 12 chlorophyll-rich green foods that are brilliant for purifying your body. I noticed that it gave me an energy boost in the morning and it’s such an easy way to give your body vital nutrients and minerals.

 I would definitely recommend having a look at Pukka Herbs and seeing what supplement sachets they have on offer as they are great to take away on holiday and to also have in your cupboard to pop into your morning smoothie for some added nutrition!

Love Holly

Rai of Sunshine

Another day another awesome girl joins our blogging team!

Meet Reena Rai, a fitness convert with a fashion habit ...


"Hi my name’s Reena and I am NOT a fitness expert. Sorry, I just had to get that bit out there.

 Up until this year, I dabbled with yoga, running and hula hooping, eating pretty bad food and generally neglecting my health.

 I’ve seen the error of my ways though and I’m now enjoying a really healthy lifestyle, embracing regular exercise and cleaning up my eating habits. 

For me, fitness is more about health, wellbeing and happiness rather than being a slave to the gym and being obsessed with the scales.

 I’m not a gym bunny but I practice yoga almost every day as well as going to ballet classes and participating in 30-day challenges like squat and abs!

 I need my fitness regime to be flexible and work around my schedule so I’ll be sharing my top tips for quick workouts and ‘easy’ exercise as well as clever food substitutions and ideas to keep you from reaching for the biscuit tin."

 Reena wearing pink, don't worry we will soon have that habit kicked!

Meet Holly

07 June 2014

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Meet Holly


Lexie isn't just about the kit you wear (although obviously ours is pretty cool...) but about all things healthy, fun and awesome.
So it's with this in mind that we've carefully chosen some amazing girls to join our blogging team and tell us what's rocking their world!

First up is Holly, a certified Nutritional Health Coach and a professional model. She absolutely loves all things related to health, wellbeing and fitness and her aim is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves. She practices yoga everyday and embraces a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle and loves spreading her wellbeing knowledge to the world. 

Holly will be blogging regularly for us with cool tips, events and reviews so keep your eyes peeled!

Win some Lexie kit for £1

Our Lexie girls are made of tough stuff, none more so that future team member Emily.

Nine year old Emily is a beautiful, bubbly, bundle of fun girl who just so happens to be fighting alongside Captain Chemo against T-Cell Leukaemia.

To support Emily we have joined up with other new businesses to donate prizes for an online raffle with tickets costing just £1!

Prizes include our kit, some beautiful handmade jewellery, Champagne, kid's wear and some amazing ethical dresses plus much more!

If you fancy donating to a good cause and potentially winning yourself some new kit then check out the Facebook page for more details!

Fitmob Flashes Oxford Street

To celebrate our amazing 2 week pop up with House of Fraser, we hit the streets with some fearless Lexie ladies to stomp up a storm of a step class. Led by the awesome Dance mix and joined by London Flashmob, check out how we rock our kit Oxford street style!

Check out the other photos on our Facebook page or pop into House of Fraser Oxford Street and see us!

Lexie x House of Fraser

21 April 2014

Lexie x House of Fraser

We are so excited to announce that from the 12th of May, Lexie will be on

sale with House of Fraser both online and at their flagship store, situated on

Europe’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street in London!


Thanks to the ‘not for profit’ foundation, ‘The Great Retail Revival’, Lexie will

be part of an exciting pop up event, showcasing the best of new British

brands in the heart of the store. The brands will all compete for the chance to

remain with House of Fraser for the rest of the year.


The competition to be retailed at this unique event attracted nearly 200 entries

with Lexie successfully making it to the final 10! 


Lexie will be on sale both at The Great Retail Revival’s pop up shop in House

of Fraser’s Oxford Street store 12-26 May, and on the House of Fraser

website from 8-26 May, 2014. We really hope you can come down and join us!