Lexie in Voga

Last night to celebrate our exciting new stockist Active In Style we held an exclusive Voga event!


Combining Voging and Yoga in a dynamic fusion, Head Voga lady and all round amazing woman Juliet Murrel led a 20 strong cast of fearless ladies in throwing some awesome shapes!

Juliet shows our girls her moves!

So far so yoga...

Remember those moves that you thought were only for your bedroom mirror?

Technical hitches aside (the iPod gods were not pleased with our choice of 80s classics) it was an awesome night of flexibility both from our gorgeous guests and from our music choices (Youtube's finest 1980s hits anyone? No us either...)

DJ Wanted...


We were also super stoked to offer a special goodie bag to all attendees and can't wait to raid ours...

Our beautiful and flexi Hayley with erm Hayley and Hayley?


The full Blonde collection is now available with Active in Style where we join the best international brands, representing the UK!

Thanks to all the ladies who joined us, we can't wait to see your moves!

"Yeah, No, Don't Put Me Down For Cardio"

25 June 2014

Tags: Annie, Bootcamp, Fit, Intern, Lake Leggings, Voga, Work experience

"Yeah, No, Don't Put Me Down For Cardio"

Sometimes, I really wish I could be the type of person who runs around the park three times and prepares a beautifully healthy breakfast all before they start the days work at half past eight...


Unfortunately, that’s just not me.


And while I love sports, interning at Lexie has definitely opened my eyes to some awesome different ways that exercising can become really fun!


I think I was actually excited for my third boot camp session with Gurka Fit in Aldershot on Tuesday (The gorgeous sunny weather definitely helped as well and I was wearing my amazing brand new Lexie ‘lake’ leggings!).

Every sessions different and there is a massive mix of abilities, so while I was a little nervous last week I soon discovered how fun and friendly it was.


This session proved to be the hardest yet, but it definitely gave me a sense of achievement that I was able to get through a really long fitness circuit – including army crawling – and what felt like a thousand V sits.


For anyone that struggles to push themselves – I found that by pairing up with one of the really fit girls meant it was a challenge for me to keep up with her. Obviously, my huge competitive streak meant that I kept up, which was the just the motivation I needed to get a really good workout and push myself!


For me this is the perfect way to get motivated and really enjoy exercising, as I love being out in the fresh air and sun, if you're in the Hampshire area definitely check them out!


But army crawling isn’t the only way to put the fun into training. I’ve been inspired by Lexie’s next event at Blue Cow Yoga Studio –Voga! A mix of Vogueing and Yoga you may have seen the talent behind this amazing new work out on Made In Chelsea! It’s something I’ve never ever tried before, but is definitely next on my to-do list!


Love Annie