Burn baby, burn

As a British made brand we get pretty excited when we find other brands that we love are made here at home! And after a huge weekend of Birthday celebrating we deserve some relaxation! 

Epoh Ireti is a luxury lifestyle brand featuring some of the finest ethical luxury soy candles. Hand crafted in Britain by their female founder Hope we love their gorgeous look and beautiful scents.


Using all organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging (biodegradable and labels printed using soy ink) these luxurious candles are as kind to the environment as they are to you, creating soft gorgeous lighting, perfect for the unwind after a hard session!

We are particularly in love with the Tuberose & White Peony candle, it just looks so pretty in our office (yes we do occasional burn the midnight oil, or candle as it were!) but we are very excited to try the Vanilla & black Pepper next, yum. Although with 50 hours of burn it might be a slight wait!

Created using carefully chosen soy wax and pure essential oils, the candles burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot into the air with a wooden wick.


If you need a bit more zen in your life, check out Epoh Ireti online.

Going To Be Massive

This week, as well as running around at boot camp, I’ve been customizing three Gloria hoodies from the Icon collection for the comedy trio ‘Massive Dad’ to wear at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.


It was definitely a challenge for me as I’m not that confident at sewing. But as I’m quite competitive with myself, I like a challenge, so it was good to arrive each morning knowing that I had a goal for the day!


The trio had asked for the hoodies to be customized with extra mesh panels and sections of print with a ‘hunger games’ vibe. I sketched out a few initial designs to see which panels would work best, as I wanted to make each hoodie slightly different, but at the same time, keep the same fabrics so they would all look good together on stage.

It usually takes me a long time to make the first cut in my fabric, as I’m always anxious, but after I’d cut out the first panel, it didn’t take long to have all the pieces ready to sew. I was pretty nervous to sew the new pieces of fabric in at first, but got more confident as I went along and they started to come together. I added in mesh panels under the arms/down the side of the body and mesh strips on the upper arm. I also added in mesh back panels, with printed piping. The binding technique was pretty tricky, so I had to practice quite a lot before actually putting it into the hoodies!


The final change I made was to the cuffs on one hoodie. I took inspiration from our Lake leggings, creating a half Lycra, half Blonde print new cuff. The blonde print from the leggings brightened up the hoodie and made it fit for the stage. I think the cuffs looked awesome and I hope they look great under the stage lights!


Hopefully the awesome girls from Massive Dad will like their hoodies – keep your eyes peeled for them wearing them at the Edinburgh fringe in August!