Beeting the Competition

This week I've been testing out Beet It elite sports shots alongside some serious endurance training for the Snowdonia 50 / Eryri 50 and Endurance life series ... and it's working wonders! 

The world's first sport shot, Beet it was specifically designed for the sport nutrition market.

Now used by a number of professional, elite, and sub-elite athletes as well as Premiership Football, International Rugby, Cycling and Olympic Teams it's ingredients are pretty simple, just 90% Beetroot and 10% fresh apple juice (to smooth over the naturally earthy taste of beetroot)

Free from artificial fertilisers and pesticides, it tastes great and I definitely recommend it!

Love & Peace,

Sarah x

Lexie in Voga

Last night to celebrate our exciting new stockist Active In Style we held an exclusive Voga event!


Combining Voging and Yoga in a dynamic fusion, Head Voga lady and all round amazing woman Juliet Murrel led a 20 strong cast of fearless ladies in throwing some awesome shapes!

Juliet shows our girls her moves!

So far so yoga...

Remember those moves that you thought were only for your bedroom mirror?

Technical hitches aside (the iPod gods were not pleased with our choice of 80s classics) it was an awesome night of flexibility both from our gorgeous guests and from our music choices (Youtube's finest 1980s hits anyone? No us either...)

DJ Wanted...


We were also super stoked to offer a special goodie bag to all attendees and can't wait to raid ours...

Our beautiful and flexi Hayley with erm Hayley and Hayley?


The full Blonde collection is now available with Active in Style where we join the best international brands, representing the UK!

Thanks to all the ladies who joined us, we can't wait to see your moves!

Holly & Jean

Last week I was lucky enough to receive a lovely parcel from Lexie Sport. Inside it contained some delicious coconut water and one of their absolutely gorgeous Jean T-shirts. I couldn’t wait to try it on and I loved it so much that I decided to write a review of it to let you know what I thought!

I absolutely love how it’s a slim fitting t shirt with a mesh panel down the back and mesh sleeves too. It has a really soft light feel and I felt so stylish heading to the gym in it.

I didn't actually feel like I was wearing a ‘sports top’ at all and I had a few women coming and asking where I got it from; always a good sign!

I would absolutely recommend it for a bit of stylish workout wear and can't wait to get my hands on another Lexie piece to take with me on my travels! 


Holly x


Finding Your Running Mojo

When I was younger, I was very athletic.

I say this to friends who react like it’s some sort of punch line, they can’t imagine me in heels under 4” much less in trainers sweating it out on a track. At school, I was always picked for the 100m, long jump and relay at sports day without fail; my PE teacher even pushed me to train at our regional athletics centre.


Somewhere along the way though, I lost my running mojo, preferring to live by the ‘shopping is my cardio’ mantra.


I’ve tried being a gym bunny but running on a treadmill is so uninspiring, I need to run out in the open which throws up a couple of barriers; being able to run in peace and in a safe environment isn’t always as easy as lacing up your trainers and stepping out of your front door.


Two of the flats I’ve lived in in London just weren’t safe for running, both  day and night you’d get shouted at or beeped at which can be distracting at best.


I did briefly rekindle my love of running when I lived in Camden; I was a stone’s throw from Primrose Hill which is a heavenly oasis for runners. I chose to run in the evening and The Hill was lovely and peaceful. I really got into my groove and even ran when it was pouring with rain – that’s commitment! After moving recently, I’ve been meaning to get back into my running shoes after scoping out my new area.

Get inspired by the world outside


When I was running regularly, I toned up so quickly and I felt so much stronger and happier. To quote Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, “Exercises gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy”, who are we to argue with that?!


If you’re looking to recapture your running mojo, here are my top tips:


  1. Use a running app.

Running apps are great because they accurately measure your distance, speed and pace among other things. I can be a little competitive, so seeing the stats from my runs always made me want to run further or quicker than my last run. My favourite is Run Keeper as I can plan in my running routes and put music to my workouts. It also gives you little awards too; I do love getting a gold star!


  1. Harass your friends to sign up to the app.

Using the app is great, even better if you have friends on it too whether you’re motivating each other or competing.


  1. Buy some decent kit.

Well, shopping is cardio too! I kid but if you are going to be running seriously, you need proper running trainers which will support your feet and help protect you from running related injuries. A good workout wardrobe always makes the prospect of exercising more appealing. I treated myself to some customised Nike iDs after I proved that I was serious enough to invest in proper kit and the Anita Leggings in The Blonde Collection are seriously covetable.

My sneaks have even made it across the world with me, true love!


  1. Put together a kickass playlist

I have to run to music and it has to be kickass. I personally favour old school hip-hop like Public Enemy, Mobb Deep and the Beastie Boys or super current sing-a-long radio tunes like Problem by Ariana Grande. Whatever you like running to, put a bit of TLC into your playlist and your workout will be over before you even know it’s started.


  1. Enjoy it!

The most important thing is to enjoy running. Yes I love tracking my runs and pushing myself but likewise, if my knee is playing up or I’m just not feeling the run I won’t push myself to go further than I’m comfortable with. 

Love Reena x

Zoe 101

05 July 2014

Zoe 101

Just about to embark on her first year of BA Fashion Sportswear Design at London College of Fashion, Zoe wanted to get a taste of being at the coolest brand, so having join us for a week we asked Zoe to share her 5 days with us via the media of instagram!

Rai of Sunshine

Another day another awesome girl joins our blogging team!

Meet Reena Rai, a fitness convert with a fashion habit ...


"Hi my name’s Reena and I am NOT a fitness expert. Sorry, I just had to get that bit out there.

 Up until this year, I dabbled with yoga, running and hula hooping, eating pretty bad food and generally neglecting my health.

 I’ve seen the error of my ways though and I’m now enjoying a really healthy lifestyle, embracing regular exercise and cleaning up my eating habits. 

For me, fitness is more about health, wellbeing and happiness rather than being a slave to the gym and being obsessed with the scales.

 I’m not a gym bunny but I practice yoga almost every day as well as going to ballet classes and participating in 30-day challenges like squat and abs!

 I need my fitness regime to be flexible and work around my schedule so I’ll be sharing my top tips for quick workouts and ‘easy’ exercise as well as clever food substitutions and ideas to keep you from reaching for the biscuit tin."

 Reena wearing pink, don't worry we will soon have that habit kicked!

Win some Lexie kit for £1

Our Lexie girls are made of tough stuff, none more so that future team member Emily.

Nine year old Emily is a beautiful, bubbly, bundle of fun girl who just so happens to be fighting alongside Captain Chemo against T-Cell Leukaemia.

To support Emily we have joined up with other new businesses to donate prizes for an online raffle with tickets costing just £1!

Prizes include our kit, some beautiful handmade jewellery, Champagne, kid's wear and some amazing ethical dresses plus much more!

If you fancy donating to a good cause and potentially winning yourself some new kit then check out the Facebook page for more details!