Get your Fashercise on!

This week we were delighted and super excited to see the girls at Fashercise launch their awesome new store online. 

What started as an informative and brilliant sports style blog has now become the online shopping destination for ladies who lunge!

Obviously the girls wanted all the coolest brands so we were happy to join their kitbag of awesomeness!

Fashercise is online now with Lexie and will be holding a box park popup soon, check the site for more info!

Fashionably Great

27 June 2014

Tags: Annie, fashion, intern, student, workex

Fashionably Great

It’s unbelievable the amount of people who think that a fashion design degree is ‘easy’.


You don’t have to write ten page long essays, sit in dreary lectures or take any exams – easy right?


I think most people are just jealous that I get to do what I love doing everyday and that I seem to be annoyingly enthusiastic about it all the time! However, people who really know me will tell you that my course is probably the most time consuming and tiring they’ve heard of. And for the record, we still have to write essays too!


If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt this year, it’s that you have to go the extra mile to get noticed. Even though I’m not yet out of university, I already know that hard work pays off and WILL be rewarded (eventually).


I took part in two competitions outside of my university work this year. After not sleeping for days so you can finish your completion portfolio as well as keep up with your other work, it is extremely demoralizing when you see someone else win an internship in New York, all expenses paid or a cheque for hundreds of pounds. Nevertheless (and as cheesy as it sounds) it really is the taking part that counts – and this goes for anything! The competitions I entered with GAP and Abercrombie, allowed me to explore designing sportswear (something I really love) and so my skills improved to no end! And the work I did then helped me to land my internship at Lexie!


Finally, I did actually get lucky (though really there was no luck involved – just hard work, sleepless nights and a lot of water to power through). My year held a fashion show to showcase our first project from the year – a group project set by Ted Baker menswear, for which we had to design and make a full collection in groups. The head of Ted Baker attended as well as other major people from the


Unexpectedly, my group were awarded winner, and on top of that we gained placements with Ted Baker menswear! I was so happy to have won, but more thankful that the amount of time and energy we had put in to try and make our collection stand out had been recognized and rewarded. Like I said, hard work readlly does pay off!


Today is my last day at Lexie, having toiled over customized hoodies, planned events, mastered social media and trekked all over London my time is at an end. I’ve still a year left to go with my studies but I’m already so exciting about graduating (fingers crossed for that elusive 1:1) and starting my dream job, whenever that may be!