Lexie in Voga

Last night to celebrate our exciting new stockist Active In Style we held an exclusive Voga event!


Combining Voging and Yoga in a dynamic fusion, Head Voga lady and all round amazing woman Juliet Murrel led a 20 strong cast of fearless ladies in throwing some awesome shapes!

Juliet shows our girls her moves!

So far so yoga...

Remember those moves that you thought were only for your bedroom mirror?

Technical hitches aside (the iPod gods were not pleased with our choice of 80s classics) it was an awesome night of flexibility both from our gorgeous guests and from our music choices (Youtube's finest 1980s hits anyone? No us either...)

DJ Wanted...


We were also super stoked to offer a special goodie bag to all attendees and can't wait to raid ours...

Our beautiful and flexi Hayley with erm Hayley and Hayley?


The full Blonde collection is now available with Active in Style where we join the best international brands, representing the UK!

Thanks to all the ladies who joined us, we can't wait to see your moves!

Ultra Cool

23 June 2014

Ultra Cool

You have probably all heard of people saying “It’s 70% mind and 30% body”, and to be honest with you I never believed it.


After years of punishing road races, stuck in a bubble of half marathons, I never saw myself being able to run much further. I always ended tired and the flags surrounding the finish line were a welcome and happy sight.


I guess what I decided to do was test the theory.


Marathon? No thanks. Ultra Marathon? Sure, why not … It’s all in the mind anyway, isn’t it?


Alarm goes off. Pick up rucksack. Fill with: safety blanket, first aid kit, head torch, energy bars, water in hydration system, pen knife, hat. Slip into Lexie. Eat banana x 3. Eat Eggs x 4. Shoes on, laces up. Back pack on, tighten straps. Get in car. Headphones on. M83 to pump me up. Race brief. Register. Start line. 10 Second countdown. Race starts.


I’m now on a trail running race and not only is the distance foreign, but so is the terrain. I have no idea what pace to go at so I just bounce along and soak in the beauty of the Devon and Cornwall coast. I soon begin to learn techniques of getting up and down hills. It’s not like a road race where you can pound the up and freewheel the down. There are rabbit holes and grassy lumps to navigate around, and to be honest with you I don’t know which direction on hill was more painful.


I begin to dread the half way mark, as that is as far as I have trained. As I begin to reach it my thoughts flood with worries of not finishing or getting lost; It’s funny how the mind can wonder as you get tired and dehydrated … I approach the hill towards the half way check point and make the decision to not stop for water and just keep going. I get to the pinnacle of the hill, grab a banana chunk from the table and keep the legs moving.


The hill at mile 22 was hard work. My knees were getting tight and my toe nails had already began to drop like flies. After running alone for 3 hours, I once again began to doubt my navigation, but was just concentrating on getting to the top of the hill. As I reached the last few steps to the top I began to think that was all my legs were capable of.

I was slowing down and energy was running thin. I closed my eyes and pretended I was somewhere else but found it hard to distract from burning lactic in my quads, and then it happened …. Oh, hang on ….


A smile began to grow back as I saw a small leg of flat ground ahead, and a church I recognised on the map.


Spirits boosted and back in the game. Pace picking up and competition face on.


From there, I just kept going. The pain did not get any worse and the fatigue stayed at the same level. Sure I cursed at a few of the big hills and lost my temper over silly things like snails diverting my choice of foot placement, but in all, I was really enjoying it.


I found myself very loudly cheering as I sprinted through corn fields, and commentating (in an aussie accent) an imaginary surf comp as I passed some amazing waves, … and I’m also pretty sure I was talking to the cows and horses along the way for company!


… I could tap down every single moment of two very long races on here, but I think you get my drift …


To finish the fairy tale with a happy ending, I ran through the finishing check point, thinking I was last and realising I had come in as the 3rd woman!


Don’t be misguided by my initial words and think that fitness does not play a big part. Although I didn’t train hugely long distances in one chunk before the race, I trained nearly all day every day in a variety of sports, which I believe is where the endurance came into it. But do remember that your mind can push your body beyond what you thought was capable, and on race day, it really is 70% mind and 30% body.


Sarah x

9-5 Part 2

19 June 2014

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9-5 Part 2

Today I’ve been working on the custom hoodies I mentioned in my last post, so it’s nice to take a break to work on the blog!
It seems like I’ve fit a lot into the last few days…



As I said before, I’ll give any sport a go, so on Tuesday; I agreed to go with founder Lily to an evening ‘boot camp’ class near the office called Gurka Fit. I was pretty nervous as the class was at an ex-army camp, and taken by army trainers, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up! Although I was ready for a lie down and a hot bath by the end, I survived the thousands of squats, laps and sprints and, surprisingly, have even agreed to go again because of how great I felt afterwards. It really is true that exercise makes you feel good, even if you wouldn’t agree whilst you’re actually running round a track!


Following boot camp, the next day in London proved more difficult – our aching legs were protesting quite a bit and the hundreds of steps in and out of the underground were certainly not ideal!


It was really exciting to visit the super cool Blue Cow Yoga studio to check out the location for Lexie’s next exciting event (details coming soon!). We also made exciting deliveries to Grazia head office and to ‘Frame’ gym in Shoreditch where we restocked the Lexie stock. Before heading back to London, I made a note to definitely take one of the exciting dance classes at Frame before I leave!


Back in the office, I continued working on the hoodies. I made the patterns and started to cut out the different meshes to put in the jackets, which turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined! I’ve made some progress today, but I’ve still got lots of work to do tomorrow! Fingers crossed I’ll have some completed hoodies to show you soon!

Annie x

Win some Lexie kit for £1

04 June 2014

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Win some Lexie kit for £1

Our Lexie girls are made of tough stuff, none more so that future team member Emily.

Nine year old Emily is a beautiful, bubbly, bundle of fun girl who just so happens to be fighting alongside Captain Chemo against T-Cell Leukaemia.

To support Emily we have joined up with other new businesses to donate prizes for an online raffle with tickets costing just £1!

Prizes include our kit, some beautiful handmade jewellery, Champagne, kid's wear and some amazing ethical dresses plus much more!

If you fancy donating to a good cause and potentially winning yourself some new kit then check out the Facebook page for more details!

Fitmob Flashes Oxford Street

13 May 2014

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Fitmob Flashes Oxford Street

To celebrate our amazing 2 week pop up with House of Fraser, we hit the streets with some fearless Lexie ladies to stomp up a storm of a step class. Led by the awesome Dance mix and joined by London Flashmob, check out how we rock our kit Oxford street style!

Check out the other photos on our Facebook page or pop into House of Fraser Oxford Street and see us!

Lexie X Hof - The Details

25 April 2014

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Lexie X Hof - The Details

Generation Next

14 April 2014

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Generation Next

Last Friday we dropped into Drapers annual event held to celebrate and inspire the next generation in the fashion industry.

Founder Lily took to the stage to talk setting up on your own and the realities of launching a brand all while taking a few sneaky snaps, style...

Lexie Hits Frame

05 April 2014

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Lexie Hits Frame

Amazing Shoreditch hotspot and the overall amazing place that is Frame will be stocking our full Blonde collection from this Monday!

The Morning After The Night Before

04 April 2014

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The Morning After The Night Before

Last night saw us host late night shopping at Boxpark, Shoreditch, where we are in residence until this Sunday!

The lovely ladies of Hip&Healthy invited their gorgeous readers to join us for 10% off both collections, goody bags and drinks provided by Everything But The Cow.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by we can't wait to see you rock your kit @lexiesport 

Lexie X Boxpark

01 April 2014

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Lexie X Boxpark

We are in Boxpark, Shoreditch with both collections until end of day Sunday! 

Drop in, check us out and try it on!